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10 July 2013 @ 12:27 am
2 picspams+mix
a (slightly) darker stiles

[some songs may be seen as sterek (coughcough)]


Have you completely lost your mind?






I'm fine.


Alkaline Trio - In My Stomach
in this shadow i shrink and it knows i can't move i can't sleep
terrified by my own bloodshot eyes so i'll wait here and pray

Frightened Rabbit - The Loneliness And The Scream
i have fallen in the forest  did you hear me in the loneliness
oh the loneliness and the scream to prove  to everyone that i exist

Anberlin - Type Three
no one else here has conversations that drowned their head
sixteen is nothing and never will be til i am dead

All Time Low - Therapy
a hand full of moments i wished i could change
and a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade

Of Monsters and Men - Slow Steady
i spend my night dancing with my own shadow and it holds me and it never lets me go
passing by all the monsters in my head and i'm never ready cause i know i know i know

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Grim Goodbye
and darkness is fading in and darkness is real
this is taking me over and my dreams complicate it

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Dark Side of the Night
made of flesh and blood my soul's made of stone
my flame is burning out now darkness nightmares alone

Mumford and Sons -  The Enemy
give me hope in silence it's easier it's kinder tell me
not of heartbreak it plagues my soul plagues my soul

*if you want any songs/whole mix uploaded, let me know and i'll work on that :)
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